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Government Scheme for Compensation Claims Raises Questions

Concerns has been raised about the Compensation Scheme being set up by the St Helena Government for orthopaedic patients.  The scheme was announced soon after Sergio Villatoro Bran was given a...

Compensation scheme to be established for Orthopedic patients

On Friday 22 September 2023, Dr Sergio Bran was sentenced after pleading guilty to criminal charges brought on the basis of causing avoidable harm to patients. Whilst Dr Bran has accepted and been...

Dr Sergio Sentenced

23 months prison sentence suspended for one year £2,000 compensation to each of 5 of his patients where he was found guilty of causing criminal negligence £5,000 court costs Banned for life from being...

Hugh James team lands on St Helena

The Airlink flight landed at St Helena airport at 1pm on Saturday bringing Ruth Powell, Gemma Osgood and Isobel Summers from Hugh James Solicitors. Also on the plane was Dr Sergio Villatoro.  He...

St Helena is left with almost no dairy

Richard James, the Avonmouth cargo agent delivering to the South Atlantic islands, does not amend their St Helena shipping schedule every few days. Meihuizen International, the cargo shipping company...

Elizabeth II honoured with a basketball-sized gold coin

Dubbed "The Crown," the commemorative coin is made from 8 pounds of gold and over 6,400 diamonds. Made from almost 8 pounds of gold and some 6,426 diamonds, a new coin honouring the life of Queen...