St Helena is left with almost no dairy products like milk, cheese, butter or eggs.

Richard James, the Avonmouth cargo agent delivering to the South Atlantic islands, does not amend their St Helena shipping schedule every few days.

Meihuizen International, the cargo shipping company ‘serving’ St Helena does. The Richard James website shows the original scheduled arrival dates for the Maria da Paz cargo ship.

The September cargo arrival is due in 10 days.  A check on Thursday confirmed that Maria Da Paz is at Rupert’s wharf, unloading the ‘August’ cargo. On the current voyage, Meihuizen managed to leave behind most of the dairy products – not a lot of milk, cheese, butter, eggs etc.

In the shops right now, before any cargo apart from fruit has been put on the shelves, there is not a large amount of milk,  cheese, butter, eggs etc. The story is that the majority consignment of dairy products was delayed by Customs at the South Africa-Namibia border. This begs the question, why do Meihuizen have a transhipment from Cape Town Port to Walvis Bay and then transport cargo by road?

St Helena Shipping Schedule

Voyage  Closing date        Arrival date         Vessel

V03        11/04/2023         01/07/2023         MARIA DA PAZ

V04        05/06/2023         16/08/2023         MARIA DA PAZ

V05        17/07/2023        25/09/2023        MARIA DA PAZ

V06        25/08/2023         02/11/2023         MARIA DA PAZ

V07        25/09/2023         02/12/2023         MARIA DA PAZ

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