Hugh James

Solicitor team arriving on Island

In a direct and necessary response to the high numbers of Saints seeking help from Hugh James Solicitors in relation to potential claims arising from care provided by Dr Sergio, Ruth Powell, Head of Clinical Negligence at Hugh James has now enlisted the assistance of Gemma Osgood, another specialist clinical negligence solicitor and fellow part[1]ner, for their visit to St Helena which will see the team arrive on the 16th of September and stay for two weeks. The Independent has previously reported that Ruth Powell and her colleague Isobel Summers are scheduled to arrive on St Helena on 16th September, but due to a significant increase in the number of Saints seeking help from Hugh James, it became clear that further expert help in the form of Gemma Osgood was needed. Ruth Powell explains “The response to our offer of help and advice has been such that it became very clear that more assistance would be needed to fully utilise the opportunity to help as many Saints as possible, especially whilst on the Island. more in the St Helena Independent

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