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Progress With Compensation Procedure for Sergio Claims


The questions raised by the SHG announcement on Friday 22nd September about the compensation scheme the government will introduce were answered yesterday, (25th September).  Ruth Powell, Head of Clinical Negligence at Hugh James Solicitors met the Attorney General for the first time yesterday afternoon.

After the meeting the Independent asked Ruth how the meeting went.  She said, “It was a really positive, constructive meeting and will enable me to reassure everyone about the scheme and our involvement.”

A radio slot for Ruth Powell and her team had already been arranged for 3pm today (Tuesday).  Ruth will use this time to explain what has been agreed with the Attorney General.

In legal cases such as this civil action where there are a large number of compensation claims against the same respondent (called defendant in criminal cases) a protocol is often agreed between the legal representatives of claimants and the respondent to make the process simpler, more efficient and less costly.  From Ruth’s remarks after her meeting with the Attorney General it is clear a satisfactory agreement has been reached.

Ruth will be giving more details on how the agreed protocol will work during her radio discussion at 3pm today.

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