Sergio still a Surgeon in Guatemala despite Supreme Court Sentencing

Sergio Villatoro Bran continues to practice as a surgeon in Guatemala despite Judge Rupert Jones directing the Attorney General to inform the Guatemala health authorities of his criminal convictions in St Helena. The Independent reported last year, before Sergio was sentenced by the St Helena Supreme Court, that he was practising as a surgeon in Guatemala.  He was traced through the Doctorisy website where Sergio has his section to advertise his private practice.  He continues his practice as a surgeon and continues to advertise as an Orthopaedist Traumatologist with 103 testimonials from allegedly satisfied customers.  Three comments praising the ‘excellent’ Sergio were posted this month from a supposedly grateful public.  The word ‘excellent’ is used in all three comments.  His services include treatment for general traumatology, joint replacements, arthroscopy, sports injuries and osteoarthritis.

When sentencing Segio Villatoro Bran last September, Judge Rupert Jones concluded his sentencing remarks with, “I make a recommendation that your licence to practise medicine be removed and that you be prohibited from acting as a medical practitioner or doctor in Guatemala for life.”

There is much more in Friday’s St Helena Independent

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