Convicted criminal or very Important Person

Caught on camera – Sergio Villatoro Bran making himself comfortable in the St Helena Airport VIP lounge while waiting to board the plane on Sunday. The person supplying the photo said Sergio was sipping wine and reading a book while waiting to board the Airlink flight to JO Burg.  He was also, “standing at a window and waving to arriving passengers he apparently knew”.  The description given included, “Hardly the behaviour of a convicted serial criminal, or moreover, are these the courtesies usually afforded” to such a person.  We can also wonder if Sergio showed any genuine remorse.

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  1. Have Villatoro offered to pay something to Hugh _James solicitors ? Honestly, £2,000 per criminal case is nothing when one needs to live for life with the damage caused to own body by this ‘doctor “.
    Is he a psicopath? No feelings? No remorse?

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