Right first time a first for St Helena

Many woke up on Sunday morning to try out the new internet speeds.

Had the final switchover to the Equiano cable gone without a hitch?

Everything seemed to work and all the connections connected and they worked faster. 

Some users were testing the data speeds and found them a bit slower than Sure advertised, this is probably due to a lot of people online, testing the speeds at the same time.

No doubt there will be more testing in different conditions,

Congratulations to Sure for getting the reconnection up and running as planned, a quick scan across the media networks shows that Saints locally on St Helena are becoming more active online and there is an element of happiness that the internet is now at an enjoyable speed. many users were skyping and video messaging families and friends abroad, with others sharing their views of how they want to embrace the exciting change with upskilling and looking forward to online training opportunities.

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