Ten Years, One Month and One Week Ago. . .

Executive Council decided to go ahead with the project to build a new prison – on 6th August 2013, to be precise.  The new prison was to be at Sundale.  The notes of the meeting tell us, “A new prison would cost at least £2.5 million compared to the cost of converting Sundale, which is estimated in the region of £750,000.”  Sundale did not happen.  At the time, HM Prison Jamestown was “believed to be around 180 years old”, now it’s around 190 years old.

Five years after the Sundale decision, two sites at Bottom Woods were discussed through public consultation.  The Goat Pen site was chosen but still, not one row of concrete blocks has been laid.

This week, SHG issued a press release outlining the measures taken to keep the Jamestown Prison going.  It involves time, effort and money.  Delays always cost money.

Read All About It in Friday’s Independent

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