The third attemp lucky

1st Attempt – Sunday – Cancelled

2nd Attempt – Monday – Cancelled

3rd Attempt – Tuesday – Lift Off!

It was 3rd time lucky for the passengers on this week’s Airlink flight to Jo’burg.

Cloud and rain have reduced visibility at the St Helena Airport and across most of St Helena for several days and with the winds reaching 60mph at times this made St Helena Airport operations very challenging and that bit trickier however for the rest of us living here on the Island it meant a search for anything left loose hanging around outside.

The SA Airlink flight left on Tuesday afternoon (12th September) at about 2 p.m., much to the relief of passengers and everyone else involved.

Meanwhile, in James and Rupert’s Bays, cargo unloading from the Maria Da Paz continues as sea conditions start to improve.

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