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Ruth Powell Explains the SHG Claims Compensation Scheme

Last week, Ruth Powell of Hugh James Solicitors, organised a public meeting at the museum which was held yesterday evening.  The main intention was to explain why she is here and what she hopes to achieve.  Quite a lot has happened since Ruth arrived with her team on 16th September.  What most people at the well-attended meeting wanted to know most about was the details of the SHG compensation claims scheme announced by SHG last Friday.

Ruth said, when there are several claims of a similar type against the same person or organisation it is usual to agree a protocol or set of procedures to avoid claimants experiencing unnecessary delay and expense.  Since February Ruth has been trying to engage SHG in discussions on setting up a protocol for claims against Sergio’s clinical negligence.  Since arriving here Ruth has had discussions with the Attorney General, both prior to the announcement on Friday and since.  She said that Hugh James Solicitors are fully involved with the scheme and that Ruth and her team will take each of their claimants through every step of the SHG process.

See tomorrow’s Independent for the full story


  1. The full version of Judge Rupert Jones’ sentencing remarks will be available soon on this website.
    We have held back on too much detail in the Independent on Sergio’s clinical negligence because too many people in St Helena could be personally, adversely affected by it.
    The full version of the sentencing runs to 18 pages, but as Lord Hewart, the Lord Chief Justice of England declared in 1924 –
    “It is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”.
    People who think they might be adversely affected by the details can choose not to download the sentencing remarks.

  2. Judge Rupert Jones’ sentencing remarks are now available at ‘Document Download’ – scroll to bottom of the download page.

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